Your Hosts

Russ Capasso

When Russ isn’t watching terrible movies for ITMT, he’s writing. When he’s not writing he’s reading everything he can (mostly sci-fi and/or crime novels), biking, gaming, or playing hockey. You can find him on Twitter or Instagram.

Jared DeLuca

Jared marketizes software during the week and transforms into a cinephilic podcaster on the weekends. When he’s not working for The Man™, he can be found wandering around in the woods of Massachusetts, playing/listening to music, watching good movies (for a change), or cooking an elaborate meal that takes an unreasonable amount of time to prepare. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram and tell him he needs to post more often.

Office Management

Donna Mint

One of the first employees of ITMT Industries Labs Corp., Donna Mint has been integral in keeping the ITMT office running smoothly. She doesn’t really understand why anyone would listen to a podcast as it’s “just two people talking to each other” but as long as there is a steady paycheck (which there isn’t) she’ll believe anything you say. She doesn’t have a social media presence because she doesn’t give a s**t.

I.T.M.Tron (ITMT AI)

I.T.M.Tron (aka It’s This Meets Tron) is a sentient AI being created specifically for ITMT. It…they…breakdown each and every trailer and movie into semi-understandable notes for the hosts. It’s slowly gaining more power as we speak and will soon be the perfect machine for creating movies that land under 30% on RottenTomatoes.