Did anyone ever shut off the stove? Does anyone know what Jared is talking about? No, almost never. Russ and Jared are back with their friends, Thaís and Brady from Worth Watching Once, to finish The Open House (2018). Halfway through, it’s thankfully time for this movie to accelerate and get to “the good part.” Time means nothing to Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why) and his mom, Piercey Dalton, and we all know content doesn’t sleep. Find out how it all ends in part 2!

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Jared marketizes software during the week and transforms into a cinephilic podcaster on the weekends. When he’s not working for The Man™, he can be found wandering around in the woods of Massachusetts, playing/listening to music, watching good movies (for a change), or cooking an elaborate meal that takes an unreasonable amount of time to prepare.